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When you arrive, you will instantly feel like you belong. The space is incredibly welcoming and has a great view of the Foothills and Rocky Mountains. The studio is located in the Chiropractic office of Doctor Krystalyn Lowery who has designed her office to include premium yoga floors throughout. The space could hold a class of about 20, comfortably. However, class sizes are currently small, so come today for nearly personal, 1-on-1  yoga instruction.

Currently, you are not able to rent a yoga mat or towel at the studio—please bring your own. Please arrive to class 5-10 minutes early to assure that you can layout your mat and get setup. I recommend that you bring a water bottle to set by your mat. It is important to stay hydrated before, during and after yoga. 

I have a limited amount of props— Yoga Blocks and Straps. If you have your own, please feel free to bring them along in case mine are all in use. 

Lastly, I recommend you wear comfortable, tight-fitting, workout clothes to class. This is not Hot Yoga, so the room will stay at a mild temperature. This does not mean you won't sweat! Plan on getting a great workout and sweating a bit into your clothes. Having a towel to wipe your sweat is a great idea, as well as that water mat-side to keep you going throughout class. There are no locker rooms or showers at the studio, but the restrooms are just down the hall if you need to quickly change or freshen-up. 

Please use the contact form on this website for any further questions you may have about the studio or what you will need for class.


I host three types of Yoga class at the studio, each designed to meet the varying skills and needs of students. The classes range in difficulty from beginner to intermediate as well as a speciality class for grapplers. 

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