Navigate Wellness @ 200 West County Line Road, Suite 310, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129


Compliment, Improve, Facilitate


$10 drop-in

Please arrive 5-10min prior to class.

(Contact me if you need a yoga mat)

Why All Over Yoga?

Acknowledging Self-Growth.

Where do you want to grow? In your body awareness? In your flexibility? Your strength? Your balance? Your ability to recover? Want to work towards these goals in one structured class? All Over Yoga is where you can find this class. Adding yoga to your current practice, whatever that may be (yes, even working at a desk is a practice), will give you the tools to internalize and build the mental and physical skills needed to achieve positive growth and reach your goals in daily life and routine.

Expanding Patience.

Yoga is a life long practice. With this in mind, understand that when you start yoga, your "ability" to perform yoga is exactly where it needs to be. There is no such thing as perfection in yoga. You do not need to be "flexible" to do yoga. What is required from you is an effort to build your patience with yourself,  your body, and your mind. Through a practice in yoga, you will naturally develop an all over patience, giving you an ability to remain present in everyday situations, allowing you to better handle whatever your body, mind and energy may find itself in.

It's Yoga for those whose true passion lie elsewhere.

I don't expect you to come to class and turn into a Yogi. I don't expect you to drop everything and dedicate you life to be all that is "Yoga". All Over Yoga is here to challenge your perception of what it means to take on a practice in yoga. All Over Yoga is here to teach you the fundamentals of Flow, Vinyasa, and Power Yoga, a yoga that is designed for individuals pursuing a more active lifestyle. Even if you do not consider yourself an active person, All Over Yoga can give you the initial tools to pursue a more active lifestyle. Feed your body's desire to move and breath. Teach your mind to be in-sync with all that your body does and is.

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