Navigate Wellness @ 200 West County Line Road, Suite 310, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Compliment, Improve, Facilitate

$10 drop-in

Please arrive 10-15min prior to class.

(You will need your own Yoga Mat.)

Why All Over Yoga?

To compliment, improve and facilitate.


Where do you want to grow? In your daily routine, in your flexibility, in your strength, in your balance, in your ability to recover? Maybe you want to grow in your lifting gains, in your Jiu-Jitsu game, in your track times. The list can go on and on. Adding a yoga practice to your current practice, whatever that may be, will give you the tools to internalize a platform for self-growth.


Yoga is a life long practice. With this in mind, understand that when you start yoga (or even if you've done it for 20 years), your "ability" to perform yoga is exactly where it should be. There is no such thing as perfection in yoga. What is required is your patience—with yourself,  your body, your mental state (mind), and most importantly, your ego. Through a practice in yoga, you will be able to exercise your patience with these personal aspects to then adapt and better control each one in whatever situation you may be in—whether in a specific pose on your yoga mat or sitting in the ever-increasing Colorado traffic. With better patience comes better results. There's not a single thing in daily life that doesn't require patience. Let's compliment, improve and facilitate your patience through yoga, so you can use it when need (i.e. ALL THE TIME!)

And oh so much more!!!


All Over Yoga @ Navigate Wellness

200 West County Line Road, Suite 310, Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129

(303) 921-1575